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Wooden windows

Wooden windows may seem like a thing of the past to most. However, there are plenty of reasons why wooden window frames make perfect sense. We are going to look at some of the key benefits of timber windows!


Wooden windows are superior in all weather conditions, from hot to cold and sunshine to rain. When the wooden frame is properly installed and sealed, it will not crack or warp like uPVC, and they do not expand and contract as much metal windows do during temperature fluctuations. These qualities ensure that no seals on the frame or between the frame and glass are damaged and fail. Failed seals will allow air from outdoors into your home and cause energy bills to shoot up!

Superior Insulation

When it comes to insulation values wood is about 400x more efficient than metal and around 1,800X better than uPVC. The insulation properties can be improved further with the use of energy-efficient double-paned glass.

Easy to Maintain

While other window materials require little to no maintenance, most wooden windows can last for many years with minimal effort. Wooden windows when poorly fitted and not properly sealed can be easily damaged and are susceptible to pests. This is why it is essential that you use high-quality wood with long-life sealants. When the right materials are used, the windows can easily be maintained with a quick clean using a cloth and some household washing up liquid. As long as the windows are cleaned 2 – 3 times a year and given the occasional dusting, they won’t need resealing for years!


As they are cut to shape and size, wooden windows are available in virtually any style, and with the help of some paint, they can be any colour you want. From intricate carvings to plain and simple panels, there’s a wood window to suit every home. If you need to update the colour of your windows, there’s no need to replace them as you would with uPVC or metal, you can simply sand them down and paint them the way you like.


This may be a surprise to most as wooden windows do cost more than metal or uPVC. However, the money-saving comes from the energy-efficient qualities of properly cared for wood. The money that you save on energy costs will offset the initial investment. The advantages of wooden windows are as clear as freshly cleaned double glazing! When you combine the timeless beauty with the eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits, it’s obvious that they are a great option for any home. So when you are thinking of upgrading your windows, make sure you consider wood! Thanks to Adrian of Wythall Window Services for his help on this article.

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