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Wood in unusual places

Wood is a multi-functional and incredibly versatile material that can be shaped and finished in countless ways. We’re going to have a look at some of the more weird and wonderful places that wood has been used.

The bathroom

Wooden Bath

You may not think that wood and water would make good bedfellows; however, wood has indeed found its way into the bathroom. The use of wood for floors and ceilings isn’t exactly unusual and is actually very common throughout many homes, and this is true in the bathroom as well. Wood, when properly finished, is tough and waterproof, making it perfect for a bathroom flooring, ceilings and even walls.

When you start to think outside the box, you realise that you can use wood in some more unique ways. These include shower basins, sinks and even bathtubs! With features like these, your bathroom is sure to stand out from the rest. We contacted Patrick, an experienced plumber for West London Plumbers in London who has confirmed that wooden bathroom features are growing in popularity. He also told us that the wooden equivalents are just as good in quality as the plastic and ceramic ones we are used to.

The wardrobe

Yes, you read that correctly. Many designers are incorporating wood into our fashion and styles. Now don’t worry, you’re not likely to see anyone wearing wooden trousers or shirts any time soon. The variety of wood available means there is an excellent selection of colours and styles to choose from.

The fashion items you’re more likely to see are wooden accessories such as watches, glasses and jewellery. Wooden glasses and sunglasses are much more robust and stylish than plastic options and have a much more relaxed and casual look when compared to metal framed specs.

While wooden jewellery and watches don’t have the same level of flashiness as the pieces made of precious metals, they offer a unique option. A beautiful wooden timepiece is a perfect example of smart-casual, looking perfect whether you are relaxing by the pool or dressed to impress at a fancy party.

The road

While the examples you might see on the road are very rare, they do still exist. These examples are mainly for artistic purposes, but they are fully functional and road legal.

A man in Ukraine spent a year and a half converting a 1981 Opel into wooden chassis car. The car is even more unique as it is two different cars split down the middle with one side representing a sedan and the other as a classic convertible. Don’t expect to see anything like this at your local car dealership anytime soon.

Another mode of transport that is much more practical is the wooden bicycle. A company in Europe called Materia Bikes create bicycles with completely wooden frames. They claim that a wooden frame is naturally shock absorbent and as well as being weather resistant. The bikes look fantastic and are available in a variety of styles and materials, but they will set you back a fair amount with prices ranging from €2,590 up to €7,890.

Fine Green Wood