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We love wood here at The Wood Turning Centre, and we think you should too! We’re going to look at some unique ways in which you can improve your home using nature’s finest material.

We use wood throughout our houses in many ways, including furniture, flooring and structural support. With wood being such a versatile material that is available in a variety of colours and styles, we can use it in so many ways! 

Wood is nature’s art, forming with unique and exciting shapes and patterns in a variety of beautiful colours. This art can be used to create a natural yet classy feel to your home. Cuts from trees can become fascinating wall art or even elegant sculptures when used correctly.

Look to use real, solid wood throughout your home where possible; this includes work surfaces, furniture and flooring. While using real wood flooring is much more expensive than laminate alternatives, there are significant benefits as well the superior appearance. Wood is much harder wearing than laminate meaning it will last much longer and can even be repaired when damaged. The huge variety in types of wood means that there will be the right one to suit your home!

We spoke to Fred of Industry Decorators in London, a decorator who has worked in the trade for many years. He told us “We use wood in a number of ways to improve the look of our customer’s homes.” and added, “It really brings a building to life adding natural wooden features.”

Whatever your next home improvement project is, consider integrating wooden features, you won’t regret it!

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