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Wood is a multi-functional and incredibly versatile material that can be shaped and finished in countless ways. We’re going to have a look at some of the more weird and wonderful places that wood has been used. You may not think that wood and water would make good bedfellows; however, wood has indeed found its..

Wood turning is becoming a popular addition to the woodworker’s arsenal of skills. However, it can be a puzzle for the beginner as to what is needed to start with the wood lathe and what may already be around the shop. There are just a few basics needed to get started with this wonderful hobby.

We can all agree that wooden flooring is the superior option for any home. It is hard-wearing, beautiful, available in a variety of colours and can last a lifetime! A wooden floor is a commitment and requires the correct maintenance. With the help of Gus Designs Ltd, a premium construction company in Middlesex who specialise in home design, we’re going to look through some of the do’s, and the do not’s when it comes to hardwood floor.

Wooden windows may seem like a thing of the past to most. However, there are plenty of reasons why wooden window frames make perfect sense. We are going to look at some of the key benefits of timber windows!

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